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Feather Damascus Fighter with "Ancient Fire Starter" Walrus Tusk Handle

9” Feather Damascus Blade OAL 15”
416ss file-worked S-guard, Damascus and Bronze Spacer.
Ancient Fossilized Walrus Ivory “Fire Starter” Handle, Larry Parsons sheath SOLD
Notes on this knife: Eskimos used walrus ivory and bone for a wide range of tools and purposes including fishing weights, fishing hooks, and fire starters. A fire starter, in its simplest form, consisted of using a slender wood rod or drill which was worked by twisting between the palms, cutting a socket in the “fire starter” piece (e.g. Walrus Tusk, wood, etc.) The socket would collect the powdered wood ground off by the friction of the wood drill, and within this wood powder the heat rises to the ignition point. This was the simplest and most widely used type of fire-generating apparatus known to uncivilized man. Among the Inuit and other tribes the simple two-piece fire drill became a machine by the use of a hand or mouth rest containing a stone, bone, or wood socket for the upper end of the drill, and a cord with two handles or string on a bow for revolving the drill. By using uniform and rapid motions and great pressure it was possible to make fire without match or flint.